Support to EDF National Authorizing Officer in the Supervision and Control of Building Construction Works

Delegation of European Union in Congo – EDF

Democratic Republic of Congo


The DRC obtained support from the European Union to finance a program to strengthen governance through Convention 9598/ZR signed on January 25, 2007. 33 million Euros were earmarked to contribute to the implementation of some of the components of its good governance, namely: “judicial governance”, “improvement of public finances” and “improvement of natural resource management”.

These are mainly

-Rehabilitation and extension of the Court of Accounts building (1.4 million euro)

-Rehabilitation of the buildings of the jurisdictions of the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa-Gombe (558.000 euro)

-Construction of the building to house the Palace of Justice and the new courts (3.1 million euro).


The general objective of the project of which this contract is a part is that of the Governance Assistance Program, namely, to contribute to the consolidation of the rule of law in the field of justice, public finance and natural resources.

In order to ensure better supervision and control of the works undertaken under the PAG financing, the National Authorizing Officer of the EDF (project owner of the works) envisages the mobilization of a short-term civil engineering expert who would come in support of the mechanism set up by the program and the various structures concerned.

The specific objective of this contract is therefore to support the EDF National Authorizing Officer in ensuring the control of the studies and execution of the construction works of the buildings of the new courthouse and rehabilitation of the Court of Accounts and the buildings of the jurisdictions of the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa-Gombe.

Expected results:

The calculation notes (stability and dimensioning of the structures) and the execution plans of the works are checked. The conformity of the works in relation to (i) the established and approved execution plans and (ii) the technical prescriptions and the general rules of the art is ensured. The provisional acceptance of the works is organized; the completed works are handed over to the beneficiaries within the contractual deadlines


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