WBL Researcher

Projet : Methodology for cost-benefit analysis of Work-Based Learning

Durée : 27 w.d Date de publication : 04/12/2018
Pays : Georgie Date soumission CV : 07/12/2018
Prestation : Court terme Date de démarrage : 19/12/2018

Profil demandé :

• Criteria 1.  Specific area of expertise required
• Expertise in VET research on work-based learning topics
• Criteria 2. Country specific expertise
• Expertise in cost-benefit analyses of apprenticeships or other forms of work-based learning in European countries and/or ETF partner countries
• Criteria 3. Drafting / presentation / facilitation skills / ability to work in team
• Expertise in drafting comparative analyses in VET
• Criteria 4. Language skills
• Excellent English language skills (Minimum C1)
• Assets (Optional)
• Knowledge of the country context in Georgia and/or other Eastern Partnership countries

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Responsable :

Siwar Hmedi: Project Manager: siwar.hmedi@ccm-cg.com  
Marwen Chawali: Sénior Project Manager: marwen.chawali@ccm-cg.com

Référence CCM : 


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