Expert in human resources / social sciences / management or equivalent

Projet : Employment creation (Labour Market and Employment - formal and non-formal)

Durée : 4 Years Date de publication : 06/02/2019
Pays : Multi-country Date soumission CV : 31/12/2022
Prestation : Long terme Date de démarrage :

Profil demandé :

Master degree (Bac+5) in human resources / social sciences / management or equivalent and justify at least 12 years of experience in the following sectors:
- Structure and characteristics of the labour force (Labour force participation and trends; Characteristics of job seekers and job search procedures; Industrial, occupational, age, qualification and gender structure of employment and trends; Gender and regional growth of employment and trends; Part-time employment, short-term contracts and hours of work; Self-employment and employment in family enterprises; Employment in the public sector; Employment projections)
- Labour market settings/management, employment services and offices (Employment offices; Market share of public employment offices; Private employment offices; Other mechanisms of intermediation)
- Wage policy and labour market (Collective/sector agreements/conventions; Wages, productivity, inflation and unemployment; Changes in labour remuneration, productivity and unit labour costs in manufacturing and other sectors of the economy; Public/private sector salaries; Flexibility of labour remuneration in relation to productivity and unemployment; Efficiency of the process of wage determination)
- Social dialogue (Main statutes and laws governing industrial relations; Structure and organisation of labour unions; Labour-union participation; The employers’ organisations; Collective bargaining and collective agreements; Industrial action and procedures for resolving industrial disputes); Job creation (Incidence of job loss on various groups; Labour mobility and turnover)

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Siwar Hmedi: Project Manager:
Marwen Chawali: Senior Project Manager:

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