The operational team

CCM employs around 100 people with proven know-how in international project management.Technical specialists, engineers, managers, economists, lawyers who steer the execution of projects.

The operational team is assisted by an administrative team and contract managers equally experienced in managing international projects.

The experts

CCM permanently employs about hundred of international experts of different nationalities, who are recruited according to the needs of each project.

Engineers, economists, lawyers, financiers and specialists in various sectors: governance, transport, environment, agriculture, infrastructure, international trade, energy, water, sustainable development, technology, etc…

Many of these experts, who are nationals of the countries where CCM operates, have formed liaison offices in the countries where CCM operates.

CCM’s organization

For each project according to the needs and specificities, CCM builds a multidisciplinary team around:

  • A project manager to steer the actions.
  • Experts in different fields to participate in the implementation of the project.
  • Experienced members of internal teams to coordinate responses.

The strategic and operational management of the projects is organized  around 4 large departments:

Business Developpement Unit

Tenders Unit

Projects Implementation Unit

International Recruitment Unit