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Change management

The globalization and the progressive integration of economies in an open international field: economic crisis, competition, deregulation and decentralization, make the structures of organizations and their working methods obsolete. It is an open system that sets all economic and social structures in motion.

Faced with these socio-economic data, all political and business leaders are now asking themselves the big questions :

  • How to make organizations more competitive ?
  • How to act on structures, systems, culture…?
  • How to make things evolve and change ?
  • And with what means ?

CCM offers you a line of services dedicated to :

  • Accompanying organizations in their internal transformation projects, so that these transformations are understood, integrated and embodied by staff.
  • The creation of structures and cultures that are part of a logic of perpetual change.
  • The resolution of conflicts.

To carry out this type of project CCM has set up its own toolbox and methodology.

Definition of a modernization policy and program

  • Management audit.
  • Validation of observations and proposals (working groups then hierarchy).
  • Assistance in the elaboration of an “Orientation Project” with a working group and validation by the hierarchy.
  • Definition of a strategy and communication plane.

Assistance in setting up a modernization program

  • Assistance in change management, support for the implementation of a modernization program, facilitation of working groups and follow-up meetings.
  • Development of a program and human resources organization, definition of training needs, and training of trainers.
  • Elaboration of action plans for each project, definition of missions and responsibilities within the framework of a participatory approach.
  • Monitoring of implementation, evaluation, adjustment, reprogramming and formalization of working documents.
  • Motivation study and implementation of adapted system.
  • Adjustment and reprogramming

Proposed approach

  • Preparation of the project.
  • Announcement of the start and communication to all staff.
  • Diagnosis of the operation.
  • Development and formulation of an orientation project.
  • Communication of the project and establishment of working groups.

Methods of implementation

Adaptation of the services to the needs of the client :

  • Assistance in the definition of an orientation project.
  • Training and coaching of work groups.
  • Permanent assistance and advice of the “time-sharing” type.
  • Punctual mission to deal with a particular problem.

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Change management

Development of operational performance

Customer Relationship Management

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