You want to analyze your environment and identify the threats and opportunities that will determine the future of your organization?

You want to decide which direction to take based on relevant information about the environment and the real capabilities of your teams?

CCM helps you define and implement precise strategic orientations that will ensure the sustainability and development of your company :

  • Development consulting and decision making process.
  • Strategy consulting, definition and implementation.
  • Organization and information system.
  • Human resources management and
  • Marketing and commercial strategy.
  • Communication strategy.
    Change management.
    Project and team management.

Terms of implementation

A multidisciplinary approach involving a team of specialists, coordinated by a project manager, in close consultation with the client.

  • define the development targets
  • developing the implementation process
  • ensure that the organization is focused on strategic directions, objectives, and priorities
  • Establish strategic plan milestones and coordinate planning efforts;
  • Apply the action plan in a methodical and structured manner